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Breeding Cane Corsos is purely a hobby for us and is not something that we rely on as a source of income so we will only breed a litter of pups on occasion.

We aim to breed excellent quality dogs from superior bloodlines that show generations of excellent health, temperament and type.

Our breeding programme is structured with the intention of improving the breed. Our goals are to produce healthy dogs with great movement and type that could do a days work if the need and circumstances arose. We aim to produce dogs that we can be proud of and we will always aim to breed to the correct standard set forth by the country of origin.

ALL of our breeding dogs are hip AND elbow scored with BVA or equivalent.

Our puppies are born in our home and are handled regularly from day one to ensure they are used to people and all household noises. At four weeks old, the puppies spend time each day outside in the puppy pen or in the field where they can run and play with each other and see the other animals that live around us including our other dogs, our horses and the cows and sheep that live in the field opposite. Our puppies are very well socialised when they leave us with adults, children and other dogs and we like all of our new owners to continue this socialisation so the puppys grow to be confident, outgoing and friendly with people and other animals.

Before leaving us, each and every puppy is vet checked, microchipped, has 1st vaccination, and new owners receive 4 weeks free insurance with Pet Plan. All of our puppies are regularly wormed from 2 weeks of age. All puppies leave here with a comprehensive puppy pack and a lifetime of breeder support.

We do not promise anyone pick of the litter as we breed first and foremost for ourselves and always retain at least one or two pups for every litter for use within our own breeding programme.

All puppies are placed according to temperament and character of the pup itself and the owners experience, we do not operate first come first served.

We do like to keep in contact with all of our puppy owners and greatly appreciate the odd call/email update and pictures.

Anyone wishing to purchase a puppy from us will be fully vetted. This will involve an initial telephone chat/email and then if both parties are happy following this call I will invite you down to meet myself and the dogs which gives you and your family an opportunity to interact with the dogs and decide if the Cane Corso really is the right breed for you and for me to decide if you are the right owner for a Cane Corso. We will never allow anyone to adopt one of our puppies until we have met them and spoken to them at great length about the breed on more than one occasion and also seen how they interact with our own adult dogs.

We have strong relationships with a number of breeders outside of the UK and so occasionally are able to point people in the direction of other quality litters. The same vetting process as we operate with our home bred puppies will still apply and all breeders we work closely with raise the puppies as we would, in the home environment, with love, affection and upmost care. if this is something that you would be interested in please contact us for further information.