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After visiting Del Agreste Cane Corso in Iowa in 2010, I was extremely impressed by Will's wonderful pack of beautiful Corsos, they were absolutely amazing examples of the breed with exceptional temperaments. Will kept his dogs very much like I keep mine, in a stable pack environment where everyone gets on with everyone else and lives in Corso harmony. I kept in regular contact with Will and gushed over many a picture of his lovely puppies and adult Corsos for the rest of 2010 and 2011.

In 2012 we were offered an amazing opportunity, to have a beautiful brindle boy from Wills B litter parents of which were Tar Heels Adam and Betty R Manfredi. We didnt wait to be asked twice, this was a chance in a lifetime opportunity! The flights were booked and we headed out to Iowa to meet Bishop. We were thrilled to meet our wonderful smiler Bishop. He is an amazing dog and took to us straight away.

When the time came to leave Iowa and bring Bishop home, he was awesome. He took the long journey in his stride, flew to the UK absolutely fine and once home literally fit right in with the rest of the pack.

Bishop is an amazing addition to our kennel. He is a ray of sunshine, always happy, smiling (literally), wagging his tail and very playful, he has an amazing temperament as well as being a truly stunning example of the breed.

Bishops litter mates have excelled in the show ring. His brother Del Agreste Bin Up To No Good At Sno-Storm is a Grand American Champion, made the final cut at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show and is currently 5th best Corso in the USA which is a huge achievement at such a young age, he also received the title of CCAA puppy of the year 2012

Bishops beautiful sister Biagia Del Agreste is an American KC Champion and UKC Champion and also has Schutzhund titles.

Black Jack Del Agreste, Bishops brother in Canada is both American and Canadian Champion.

Bishops half brother Achoo Del Agreste is in my opinion, the most beautiful Corso in the world. He is also a Grand American Champion.

Huge thanks to Will and family for giving us such an amazing opportunity, to bring an outstanding boy to the UK and add new and unique bloodlines to our kennel.