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We have been studying the Cane Corso for a number of years after first catching sight of this magnificent breed on an Italian website. We were instantly attracted to the breed and our research started immediately. At this time, there was limited information available on the Cane Corso outside of its original homelands of Italy so researching the breed proved to be very difficult. We gathered as much information as possible before we bought our first dog, Nero who was out of the first litter born in the UK and whose origins were Sicily. Since then our knowledge and interest has grown and over the past 17 years, we have been able to add a number of excellent specimens to our kennel. Visiting Italy on a number of occasions has given us the opportunity to meet with many breeders and also speak with judges at numerous dog shows. Their knowledge, along with the vast amount of literature we have gathered, has allowed us to acquire a wealth of information on the Cane Corso.

Our passion towards the Cane Corso will be self evident to anyone who speaks with us or comes to our home to meet our Corso family. We are lucky enough to live in the middle of the countryside which is absolutely great for the Corsos. All of our dogs have the opportunity to roam our property throughout the day. 

Each day we spend quality time with our Corsos be it training, playing or just walking in the fields around our home. Our dogs all attend regular training at a local dog training school and we have also attended agility and obedience classes with some of our gang. At weekends we love to take our dogs to the beach or to the moors where they can explore and play.

Breeding Cane Corsos is purely a hobby for us and therefore we only have puppies on occasion. Our breeding programme is based on careful selection and each dog is chosen on the basis that it has a positive attribute to add to the breed. We have chosen to use dogs that not only compliment each other, but also have good health and temperaments, ensuring top quality Cane Corsos that adhere to the breed standard. From each litter that we have, we will always keep or place in co-own homes, a number of puppies to further our own future breeding programme.

Our goals in this breed are to show the British public what a fabulous breed of dog the Cane Corso is and to produce, a stable healthy dog, which is confident, highly trainable, has athletic ability and has an excellent temperament. All of our own breeding stock are both hip and elbow scored under BVA scheme or equivalent. We have spared no expense to secure some of the best examples of the breed and have waited for the right dogs to become available before making a purchase. All of our breeding dogs come from established bloodlines which show generations of good health and stable temperaments.

We actively support Cane Corso Uk and Molosser Rescue. Rescue has in fact been our number one priority in recent years, this has included fundraising, helping to organise events, raffles, transport etc. As the Corso population has increased in the UK in recent years, sadly so too has the number of rescues needing help. For further information on available rescues in the UK please visit [email protected]

Breed promotion has been another of our top priorities in the past few years. We were thrilled when Lidia was asked to feature in an advert for a major car company in November 2007. Throughout the photoshoot and on the train journey to the studio, she was an absolute angel and thoroughly enjoyed her day in London.

We are also involved with the Pet Blood Bank UK and some of our treasured pet Corsos are regular blood donors and help save the lives of other dogs that urgently require blood transfusions. Allegra was used in the promotional material to launch the Pet Blood Bank in March 2007 and her picture featured in both the Times and Metro National Newspapers.

We attended All About Dogs in Essex for two years running as breed advisors. In 2008, Carlo, Naddy and Rana made the journey to Essex and had a great day on the breed stand being petted and cuddled by members of the public. At the event, Carlo got to see most of his kids from the 2007 litter he sired with Amelia and Rana got to catch up with her handsome brother Teo.

Following All About Dogs, myself and other fellow Corso enthusiasts planned the Cane Corso Discovery Day held on 3rd August 2008 at My Pet Stop Manchester. The aim of the day was to promote the breed here in the UK and to launch the British Cane Corso Society. Sergio and Alberto from Fosso Corno Kennel in Italy came along for the day to talk about the breed and to give individual Cane Corso evaluations. Lots of Corsos were in attendance, both UK bred dogs and Italian imports so lots of fine examples of Corsos for people to look at. People also came who had seen pictures of the Cane Corso on various websites and most ended up leaving determined to find out even more about the breed. I was really pleased that so many pups from my previous litters were in attendance and I would like to thank everyone that came along for helping to make the day as sucessful as it was.

July 2008 saw us make the extremly long and tiring journey to Sweden (via car!!) for the 2008 Wold Dog Show with Aldebaran and Cocoon from Fosso Corno kennel. The drive seemed to go on forever but well worth it when Aldebaran took the title of Vice Junior World Champion, we were all so pleased. The whole trip was fantastic, I had such a brilliant experience and it was great to meet other European breeders and to see some amazing Cane Corso compete at the World Show.

In April 2009 and May 2010, we attended the British Cane Corso event of the year held at the Wix Equestrian Centre in Essex. Both years saw an excellent turn out of dogs from across the UK and it was lovely to see some of my past puppies at the event so a huge thanks to their owners for bringing them along for me. We were also lucky enough to have an accredited Italian Judge, Mr Roberto Travola at the 2010 event which was wonderful. I'm pleased to say that the dogs I took along all did very well and I was thrilled with the lovely comments that Roberto made about them in their written critiques.

In April 2010 I was lucky enough to travel to America to attend the CCAA Nationals show at Purina Farms, Missouri. I had a fantastic week and got to see a number of outstanding dogs. Huge thanks to Will Yingling of Del Agreste kennels for his kind hospitality and for taking the time to show me his amazing dogs.

June 2010 saw myself and some of my puppy owners attending the annual Dog Walk which raises money for all dog related charities. Although it was a rainy day, we had a lot of fun and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

May 2012 saw another trip to America, back to Del Agreste kennels to catch up with Will and bring the amazing Bishop Del Agreste back to the UK with us to join our kennel. We had an amazing trip, spent some time with some outstanding Corsos and Corso owners, thanks Will again for your kind hospitality and for our wonderful boy Bishop who is a great addition to our kennel.

September 2012 we attended the Cane Corso UK and Molosser Rescue fun day which was a fantastic day out, weather was glorious and dogs did well on the day...... We also got to go behind the scenes at Whipsnade Safari park with one of our wonderful owners and we got to pet an Elephant....amazing!

July 2013 we attended the attended the annual Cane Corso UK and Molosser Rescue fun day, another great day with some fab rosettes and prizes won.

In 2014 we decided to work with the American Club ICCF (International Cane Corso Federation) which is he oldest and most recognised name in the USA for the Cane Corso, the original breed club and registry since 1992. In July 2014 we attended the first ICCF Show held at the annual Cane Corso UK and Molosser Rescue. Quincy took best Vetran and Best in Show, Vegas best female and Drago best puppy, what a great day. A massive thanks as always to our puppy owners for coming along and supporting the day with their wonderful fur babies.

2015 - The ICCF show was held in April 2015 and the Club were lucky enough to get respected judge and Corso breeder Renzo Carosio to attend on the day to judge the dogs and give each a written critique. The day was a massive success with a great turnout and some lovely dogs in attendance. Attending from the Telesto kennel were Sergei (Best Junior Male), Bishop (handled by Sue and awarded Best Adult Male), Cloe (Handled by Violetta and awarded Best Veteran) and Vegas (Best Adult Female). All were awarded an excellent rating and Sergei went on to get the title of Best Male of the day, quite an achievement for a dog that wasn't even a year old! Many thanks to a number of our wonderful puppy owners who also attended on the day to fly the flag for the kennel and achieve some excellent results.

We attended the annual CCUK & MR Show and it was wonderful that a number of our owners also managed to come along and show off their amazing dogs, all of which did exceptionally well on the day. As always, this show was a massive success with some beautiful Molossers in attendance.

2016 - Phew, what a busy year. After getting best puppy at 2015 Luxembourg show, February saw us make the long drive to Romania to show our Neapolitan Mastiff Ernie at a 2 day CACIB show in Cluij Napoca. He certainly didn't disappoint and came back to the UK a Romanian Junior Champion. In March we packed the van up again for Luxembourg where Ernie was rated Excellent 2, another very pleasing result. Both shows gave us the chance to catch up with friends from all over Europe both in Neapolitan Mastiffs and Cane Corsos.

There were two ICCF events in 2016. The first was in collaboration with the Neapolitan Mastiff Club UK and was a fun day to raise funds for both Neapolitan and Cane Corso rescue. It was also a great opportunity to see two great Italian Molossers together at one show in the UK.

In April there was the main ICCF club show, judged jointly by FCI judge Loredana Dorojan and David Carlin, Chairman of the Neapolitan Mastiff Club UK. We have some great results for Team Telesto, Sergei was awarded best male and best in show and Cloe best veteran. Thank you to the judges for thinking so highly of both dogs, your kind comments mean a lot.

Our dogs mean so much to us, they are beloved and treasured members of our family and they bring us such joy and happiness. We would never be without a Cane Corso in our home.

Visitors are always welcome to our home to meet with ourselves and our dogs, we are based in the North East. Prior to putting names on waiting lists we insist on meeting all prospective new owners and their families to make sure our puppies are going to the best homes possible. If you are not prepared to travel to meet us prior to puppies being born, we are not the breeder for you. Similarly if you are looking for a breeding dog, please look elsewhere. All of our puppies are sold on strict no breed contracts with fully endorsed registration papers.

If you are genuinely interested in the breed, want to learn more and spend some great quality time with the dogs please drop us an email and we can arrange a visit. We are always happy to spend time talking about the breed and answering any questions that you may have.